Written by Dr. Howard Asher

Psychotherapist • Author • TDS Survival Specialist

December 10, 2020

Don’t Argue but Don’t Stop Thinking

 In these “interesting times” you can feel powerless and out-of-control.

But these times are actually an opportunity to be empowered with being your best “you.” The fate of our republic depends on individuals – you – to come together in big enough numbers to make legitimate votes matter.

There is serious legitimate reason to not trust election results in many regional segments of the country.

If this is allowed to stand without remedy we will drift farther into a sense of helplessness, desperation, and dehumanization. You bet elections have consequences! And illegitimate elections have horrific consequences!

These “interesting times” challenge us. You can raise to the occasion to make your life better and better for the world because you’re in it.




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