2024 – A Story by Dr. Howard Asher

Challenging times call for us to be our best. I wrote 2024 to strike a note for the sanity we need to be our best and reverse our trajectory out of this “dark age” into the light of a new promising day.

Dr. Howard Asher, author

Orwellian… it’s a well-worn term at risk of becoming so cliché and fashionable that ironically its meaning gets lost. “Orwellian” has gained meme status saturating pop culture, signaling its place as a literary cross-over to a widely recognizable social concern. But “bumper sticker” warnings are insufficient when addressing serious issues. What matters is we live in a society – a world – where the clarity of wisdom prevails over paranoia and all our challenges be met with what matters.

This story – 2024 – reaches past the literature of Orwellian prophecy to reveal that not enough of us realize how close our current society is to dystopian collapse. This story is not the meme du jour. It is not a “bumper sticker” warning, it’s not paranoia. It’s a story that describes the gravitational pull toward dystopia when freedom of thought and freedom of speech are extinguished. Without these freedoms, we are like the frog that gets slowly boiled to death and doesn’t realize it until it’s too late!

The year is 2024. Meet Harry Archer. Authoritarian laws on language, thought, and speech are strictly enforced by the totalitarian Party Regime in control of government and culture. Personal freedoms derived from unalienable rights are crimes punishable by the state.
Read 2024 to see how Harry manages in this world. Find out what happens to him, and by extension, what happens to all of us. Like the frog, is it too late? Or do we still have time?

A remarkable story! But is it really fiction?

Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, Organizational Psychologist, YouTube Personality

This is an essay, wrapped in a work of fiction, laced with intellectual insights, combined with satire, humor, and a level of pain because it’s based on here and now and truth.

David Jacob, Author

Harry Archer is a thinker with many philosophies on living life. One of them is: The more something is valued, the more you should reach for it. Better to reach for what you want and have your heart broken for not getting it, than to not reach at all.

The year is 2024. Harry and his family, and everyone in society, are being forced to live by the edicts of the totalitarian Party Regime. But true to Harry’s nature, philosophies, and world view, he cannot accept the perverse authority of this regime. He finds himself emerged in danger as he pushes against the regime in a battle of communication, strategy, risk, and wits.

This is a story about freedom and survival. The directions we take as individuals, as a group, and as a populous have consequences. All the things that matter to you and everyone are derived from freedom and survival. So, for the sake of freedom and survival, welcome to 2024.

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