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Dr. Howard Asher's KEY

Your Life is up to You!

For many years I’ve helped people tap into their best qualities as well as develop traits they needed to improve.

The key to thriving in an uncertain and – too often – ridiculous world, is to understand yourself and the world around you.

Moreover, you must have a sensible outlook free from fashionable destruction. With this perspective you then develop and continue an honest, proactive inner dialogue with yourself.

Everything you care about rests on this.

Helping people with this is what I do!

Dr. Howard Asher

A Loose Grip

The Book

If freedom is precious, our Republic is precious.

In “A Loose Grip,” Dr. Howard Asher warns us that we can lose both our Republic and our freedom if we don’t understand the founding principles of this nation and apply the wisdom necessary to preserve our Republic’s promise of liberty.

In his insightful, thought-provoking, and instructive book, Dr. Asher connects… 

Dr Howard Asher A Loose Grip